HOME           1.    QAMAR TRADING COMPANY was established during the year 1959. The Head Office 
                  was located at PESHAWAR while its branches were opened at LAHORE and KARACHI.

      As the branch offices were not subsequently considered beneficial from business point of

                                    view, both these Offices were ceased to exist.

2.    Complete address of the company is as under: -

                                   QAMAR TRADING COMPANY, MEWA MANDI



                   3.   Telephone Nos.   --- (0092-91)-210403.

                                                 --- (0092-91)-212397.  
                        Fax No.             --- (0092-91)-252734.

                                  Telex No.          --- (25369 PK.PE.PCO.)

                                  E-mail.             --- (

                               Visit us at:

                            4.   Initially our trade remained confined within the Country, however, with the passage of     
                                 time, we have had substantial opportunities to expand our line of business to various countries
                                 abroad since 1967.


                            5.   Although we deal as general merchants and have very successfully, coupled with the entire      
                                 satisfaction of our clients the world over have arranged shipment of considerably large 
                                 large quantum of a number of merchandise. The prominent countries are detailed as follows: -


                            a).  BELGIUM.

                            b).  UNITED KINGDOM.

                            c).  GERMANY.

                            d).  JAPAN.

                            e).  IRAQ.

                            f).  AUSTRALIA.

                            g).  MALAYSIA.

                            h).  ITALY.

                            I).  BEHRAIN.

                            j).  SINGAPORE.

                            k). JORDAN.

                            l).  FRANCE.

                            m). IRAN.

                            n). HONG KONG. 

                            o). SWITZERLAND.

                            p). INDIA.

                            q). THAILAND.

                            r).  PORTUGAL.

                            s).  SAUDI ARABIA.


                            6.   The following products are mainly falls in the range of our business:-

                            a). DRY FRUIT.

                            b). MEDICAL HERBS.

                            c). SEEDS.

                            d). SPICES.

                         As we hold the status of general merchants we are in the position to arrange supplies of
                                  all other items upon demand.